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The common sense in this country is 87% irrationality.

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Name:the Cheshire Cat
"Enemies? What's that?"
 Cheshire Cat is a tricky little cat, living in Wonderland. He is the pet cat of the Duchess, and he enjoys teasing people. Marianne named him Dinah, back when he was a normal cat.

His age is unknown, but he has met more than one of the 89 Alice's. He is cheerful on the outside, and almost never show anything but his smile. He lost an arm to the 89th Alice, but he seem to not care very much about that.

The cat lived in Somarium for a few months, and even sort of lived with paranormal researcher Shibuya Kazuya. He did, there, find out that there are other worlds with the same kind of names as his own, although no one has yet to actually mentioning living in Wonderland, or Looking-Glass Land. But there was a Hatter, much different from his own, and more like Cheshire himself.

These days, though, he's wandered through the Dream Gate into Genessia.




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